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Is parking easily available?

Plenty of parking

Are you taking reservations for Easter Sunday?

I think they are.

Are the prices fair?

I would say the price is fair for fresh everything, great service, knowledgeable staff, and a relaxing ambiance. Would I take my 10 year old? Probably not for a meal, because I dont think she would appreciate it. (Her palate is more of a chicken nuggets or cheeseburger, lol). Do I unceremoniously hint where I would like to go to celebrate my events in life? Yes, shamelessly so. Birthday? Arabella's would be nice. Promotion? Arabella's would be nice. Need a night out with friends? Arabella's would be nice.

How do I register for the birthday dinner coupon?

Go online to their website. Fill out the form, print and take it when you go. You will be asked for your driver's license. Enjoy your birthday!

Do you have gift certificates


Is there a dress code?

No tank tops,flip flops

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